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Windows XP pro SP3 corporate edition winStyle titanium 650MB Torrent.

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Compilation is based on the original distribution Windows XP Professional SP3 Corporate Edition with integrated updates on 08/04/2010 from Microsoft UpdatePack 04.08.10 ExtremPack from SamLab. Disc multiloading. Installation is completely automatic. Enter the serial number is not required. Activation after the installation is not required. Being tested for authenticity by Microsoft. Do not cut anything, almost not added

The image is designed to record and follow the installation from a bootable CD, formatted for the installation process partition. Installation of the system is NOT possible. Exhibiting the BIOS to boot from CDROM and boot the computer with a CD recorded by the disk. When you select the partition to install, it is recommended to format it to NTFS.

Language: English / Russian
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