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Structured Touch Massage™: 14 DVD course Torrent.


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Structured Touch Massage™: 14 DVD course

Learn deep release techniques to relax and heal any body and give your loved ones a lifetime of health benefits. It's all included in this acclaimed massage course taught by a top massage instructor.

Imagine having a proven system where you and your loved ones can receive a lifetime of health benefits.
Never worry about disease, pain, or stress again!

# Relieve headaches fast – even migraines!

# Dramatic, quick relief for back and neck pain, even pinched nerves!

# Relief from sports injuries, tight, painful stressed muscles.

# Improve resistance to disease – you may never get a cold again!

# Reduce depression and anxiety, sleep better.

# Express love, caring, and connection.

# Look and feel younger and healthier.

# Help remove spider veins and varicose veins.

# Speed up weight loss.

# Save $$$$ of dollars! Lessen those doctor visits!

It's only natural!

When your back hurts or when your neck gets stiff and sore, your first instinct is to rub it. It's only natural! With Structured Touch Massage™, we'll take that natural instinct, train it and refine it to bring lasting relief at a much deeper level.

The goal of Structured Touch Massage™ is a complete release of tension and total pain relief. Even chronic pain, pain you may have had for years, responds to Structured Touch Massage™ because with these techniques you'll be releasing tension at its source! The tension that causes 80-90% of the ailments that doctors see everyday!

Even if you've never done massage before, we will show you how to use these deep release techniques in the Structured Touch Massage™ Course and get results that will amaze and help your family and friends - year after year after year!

14 DVDs make it easy to learn!

After just a few hours of instruction you will be able to relax your loved one’s stiff neck and tight shoulders using the same techniques as a professional, and you'll be doing it in your home without an expensive trip to the doctor.

Our Structured Touch Massage™ learning program is so simple and easy to use – go as fast or as slow as you wish, learning new techniques as you work your way through each step. We show you how in our video demonstration, and we tell you why. For example...

The reason you get tight, sore muscles is because they are dehydrated. All you need to learn are the proper strokes to restore essential fluids to sore muscles, and pain disappears as the muscles become soft and pliable again. It's that simple, but you have to know the correct techniques.

We’ve designed the Structured Touch Massage™ Course so anyone can learn. You'll receive 14 lessons of approximately a half hour each on individual DVDs. We’ve gone to the extra expense to put each lesson on its own DVD to make it easier for you to find the lesson you want to see. With each lesson you will get instruction and one or two specific techniques so you will be able to get good results right away.

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