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Gray's Anatomy (39th edition) [PDF Eng]
Size: 417 MB

Title : Gray's Anatomy
Author : Susan Standring
Year : 2008
Editor : Elsevier under the Churchill Livingstone imprint
Pag. number : 1600
Language : English
file : pdf

When 28-year-old Henry Gray first published his anatomy book in 1858, his goal was humble; that is, to create an affordable quick reference and teaching aid for surgeons and medical students alike. It is doubtful that he could have envisioned what his book would become 38 editions and 147 years later. It is now the gold standard for anatomists and clinicians alike, and the words "Gray's anatomy" have worked their way into popular culture. Recently, there was a 1997 monologue film called Gray's anatomy staring Spalding Gray, who was raised as a Christian Scientist. Gray goes around New York seeking homeopathic treatment for macular puckering. Now there is the American Broadcasting Company's new hit titled Grey's anatomy, which concerns the life of Meredith Grey, a woman who struggles to survive the competitive atmosphere of her surgical internship. It is safe to say that "Gray's anatomy" has become a household name associated with the medical profession.

This 39th edition of Gray's Anatomy has added many new features to the now 10-year-old 38th edition. Susan Standring, professor of experimental neurobiology at King's College in London and the new Editor-in-chief of the book, along with her team of 85 editors/contributors (including 8 radiologists) have added new material to this book, including 400 new illustrations, more clinical information, and an increasing emphasis on new imaging modalities. The authors have reformatted the book so that it is organized by regions of the body rather than being strictly organ based. This approach can assist the clinician by using the book in a manner parallel to the way he or she would approach a patient. What is immediately striking to any neuroradiologist looking at this book for the first time is that the cover emphasizes the critical role that MR imaging now has in all medicine. The cover shows a coronal T1-weighted MR image superimposed on a view of the upper back of a man.

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