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Chess material - New!
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If by now you are not a wold chess champion contender, it will never happen, sorry..

But still you can enjoy the game!!

This is the stuff to enjoy:

10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess.pdf
100 Awesome Chess Moves - Schiller.pdf
303 Tricky Checkmates - Wilson & Alberston.pdf
303 Tricky Chess Puzzles - Wilson & Alberston.pdf
7 Steps to Better Chess - Schiller.pdf
Aagaard - Experts on the Anti-Sicilian.pdf
Attacking chess-The king's indian 2.pdf
Back to Basics - Fundamentals - Francuski.pdf
Basic Endgame Strategy - Kings, Pawns, & Minor Pieces - Robertie.pdf
Basic Endgame Strategy - Queens & Rooks - Robertie.pdf
Beim - Back to Basics - Strategy.pdf
Bobby Fischer From Chess Genius to Legend.pdf
Bronznik - 1.d4 - Beat the Guerrillas.pdf
Chess Camp Vol. 1 - Sukhin.pdf
Chess Camp Vol. 2 - Sukhin.pdf
Chess Camp Vol. 4 - Sukhin.pdf
Chess Choice Challenge - Ward & Emms.pdf
Chess College 1 - Strategy - Grivas.pdf
Chess College 3 - Technique - Grivas.pdf
Chess Developments The Sicilian Dragon, David Vigorito.pdf
Chess Endgame Quiz - Evans.pdf
Chess Evolution 1.pdf
Chess in the fast lane.pdf
Chess Puzzles for Children - Levin.pdf
Chess Secrects - Giants of Innovation - Pritchett.pdf
Chess Wizardry.pdf
Development of a Chess Master - 55 Steps to Chess Success - Schiller.pdf
Easy Endgame Strategies - Robertie.pdf
Evans - How Good Is Your Chess.pdf
Gambit Busters Take it, keep it ... and win!.pdf
Gambit Opening Repertoire for White - Schiller.pdf
Gary's Adventures In Chess Country - Sukhin.pdf
Giddins - 50 Essential Chess Lessons.pdf
GMR 8 - The Grünfeld Defence - Avrukh.pdf
GMR 9 - The Grünfeld Defence - Avrukh.pdf
How to Be a Complete Tournament Player.pdf
How to Beat the Sicilian Defence.pdf
How to Win at Chess - Quickly!.pdf
Improve Your Chess Tactics - Neishtadt.pdf
Improve Your Endgame Play - Flear.pdf
It's Your Move - Improvers - Ward.pdf
It's Your Move - Tough Puzzles - Ward.pdf
It's Your Move - Ward.pdf
Jacob Aagaard - Stonewall II.pdf
Karolyi - Karpov's Strategic Wins 2.pdf
Killer Chess Tactics - Keene, Schiller & Shamkovich.pdf
Kings, Commoners and Knaves - Winter.pdf
Learn from Garry Kasparov's Greates Games - Schiller.pdf
Lessons with a grandmaster.pdf
Mark Dvoretsky - Tragicomedy in the Endgame (FILCHESS!).pdf
Mastering the Endgame - Flear.pdf
Mastering the Middlegame - Dunnington.pdf
Mastering the Opening - Jacobs.pdf
Mcdonald, Neil - The Ruy Lopez Move by Move.pdf
Modern Chess Self-Tutor.pdf
Muller - The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 1.pdf
Muller - The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 2.pdf
My best games - Updated & Revised Anniversary Edition - Victor Korchnoi.pdf
New In Chess - The First 25 Years.pdf
New In Chess - Yearbook 99.pdf
OWAA 1 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 10 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 11 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 12 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 13 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 2 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 3 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 4 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 5 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 6 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 7 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 8 - Khalifman.pdf
OWAA 9 - Khalifman.pdf
Pandolfini's Chess Challenges - Pandolfini.pdf
Philoshophy Looks at Chess.pdf
Practical Endgame Play - mastering the basics - Grivas.pdf
Rizzitano - Understanding Your Chess.pdf
Sacking the Citadel - Edwards.pdf
San Luis 2005 - Gershon & Nor.pdf
secrets of the opposite bishop.pdf
Sicilian Dragon-The Yugoslav Attack.pdf
Survive & Beat Annoying Chess Openings - The Open Games - Schiller & Watson.pdf
Tactimania - Flear.pdf
The Alterman Gambit Guide - Black Gambits 1 - Alterman.pdf
The Chess Combat Simulator - Bosch.pdf
The Complete Hedgehog Volume 2 - Shipov.pdf
The Complete Najdorf Modern Lines.pdf
The Dragon!.pdf
The Main Line King's Indian.pdf
The Modern Scandinavian - Wahls, Müller & Langrock.pdf
The Power Chess Program 1_Davies Nigel has all answers.pdf
The Power Chess Program 2_Davies Nigel has all answers.pdf
The Ragozin Complex - Barsky.pdf
the Slav - move by move - Lakdawala.pdf
This Crazy World of Chess - Evans.pdf
True Combat Chess Winning Battles over the Board.pdf
Unorthodox Chess Openings - Schiller.pdf
Ward - Chess Choice Challenge 2.pdf
Winning Chess Exercises for kids.pdf
World Champion Combinations - Keene & Schiller.pdf
World Champion Tactics - Shamkovich & Schiller.pdf
Yevseev - Fighting the French.pdf
C0urse in ch3ss tact1cs.rar
Houdini 2 Pro.rar
Strategic opening repertoire 2 Ed.rar
ChessBase [ Gambit - Dynamic Pawn Play In Chess ].zip

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