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Jason Julius Orgasm Arts - Female Orgasm Blueprint Torrent.


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Jason Julius Orgasm Arts - Female Orgasm Blueprint

Jason Julius Orgasm Arts - Female Orgasm Blueprint
English | 15 AVIs, 15 JPGs, 9 URLs, 1 PDF | 2.25 GB
Genre: Video Training

The ?Female Orgasm Blueprint? Is A Video Tutorial With 9 Modules And Over 2 Hours Of Pure Content On How To Give Your Woman The Most Insane Orgasms She?s Ever Felt. In the program you get everything, and I mean everything, I know about making a woman orgasm and squirt to her little heart?s desire. I?ve spent hours upon hours putting together all my best methods and techniques and I?m so happy to be able to share this with you today. I even demo all the techniques for you so you know EXACTLY how to perform them.

Module 1 ? Mindset for Approaching Orgasms
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 1
* Goal of this module is to introduce you to the healthy mindset you need to have in order to give a woman an orgasm.
* The correct way to approach giving a woman an orgasm. This will separate you from the men that fail with even the best of techniques
* Learn the different types of orgasms women are capable of.
* The ONE key you must master to achieve orgasm mastery and it?s not a ?technique?
* What your goal should be to actually achieve success with female orgasms, it?s NOT what you think!
* Why most women never reach their full orgasm potential
* The # 1 Killer of orgasms and how to avoid it
* Why HER goal could be blocking her from achieving orgasm
* How to first stimulate her to ?teach? her to orgasm
* How to frame a sexual experience so she feels comfortable
* Find out what to ask her so you can be certain you know what she likes
* Learn how to get her multi-orgasmic so she has multiple orgasms during sex

Module 2 ? Guiding Her Mind
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 2
* Find out why you must guide a woman?s mind in order to achieve full body orgasms
* The 2 things you must have from her before she will let herself go to have an orgasm
* Secrets to guiding her to letting go and giving herself to you
* The one line that will make any woman fall madly for you (should only be used with someone you truly care about)
* Find out what women are afraid to let go of and how it could block her from orgasm
* Learn the pitfalls of guiding her mind and how it can be dangerous when used for evil
* The 4 mind blocks that will hinder your partner from reaching her full potential
* Understand foreplay and the role it plays in full body female orgasms
* The personality prerequisites you can identify to know how easily she will be able to orgasm
* Why your woman needs to be a ?receiver? and not a ?giver? and how to transform her
* The single most important factor NOT to focus on if you want to master her orgasm
* How to lead her into the present, and eliminate internal dialogue
* Your biggest ally for getting your woman off
* How to start foreplay long before getting into the bedroom to make her ready to cum right away
* How to destroy mind blocks that enter into a woman?s head during sex that will kill your chances of getting her off

Module 3 ? Female Anatomy
Female Orgasm Blueprint Module 3
* This module is a detailed look at female anatoyou penetrate her
* How to best position your body while doing Deep Spot techniques
* The exact location of the front and back of The Deep Spot
* What the Deep Spot will feel like when you get there
ig dick while you ening, to make you a sexual master
* What to do if she?s a very visual type of person to get her to orgasm
* How using a vibrator could inhibit her from responding to certain techniques.
* A review of some of the fears and anxieties that might be blocking her from achieving full body orgasms
* How tension in the body can be a problem and what to do about it
* Plus a wrap up of everything from the training
Plus so much more?
Knowing that ?The Female Orgasm Blueprint? is going to be like pure gold to anyone that watches it I want you to be able to get your hands on this groundbreaking training as quickly and easily as modern technology possibly allows.
That?s why ?The Female Orgasm Blueprint? is presented to you in a 100% digital format.
This means that you?ll be able to watch or download all the Female Orgasm Blueprint videos instantly on your computer right from the state-of-art Member?s Area? NO being forced to wait for it to be shipped to you.


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