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    Super games collection (2011)

    file or any other file from Games category. Direct download via HTTP available as well.

    Super games collection (2011) Torrent.


    Download Links
    The legend of Zelda collection

    [SPOILER]Legend Of Zelda AIO

    Legend Of Zelda All in One is a portable which includes 12 Zelda games.
    Includes Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS games.


    Micro: Pentium D to 2.8 Ghz
    RAM: 512 mb Windows XP/Vista/7
    Graphic Card: NVIDIA Ge******************** 6200 256 mb or equivalent.
    SO: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
    Hard Disk: 600 mb free

    Format: .exe
    Weight: 200 MB
    Release: Zes
    Language: English

    AIO contains this games:

    The Legend Of Zelda
    The Legend Of Zelda 2
    The Legend Of Zelda:A Link to The Past
    The Legend Of Zelda:Link's Awakening
    The Legend Of Zeldaracle Of Seasons
    The Legend Of Zeldaracle Of Ages
    The Legend Of Zelda:The Minish Cap
    The Legend Of Zelda:Four Swords
    The Legend Of Zelda:The Ocarina Of Time
    The Legend Of Zelda:Majora's Mask
    The Legend Of Zelda:Spirit Tracks
    The Legend Of Zeldahantom Hourglass

    Download Links:

    Zuma ultimate Collection (2011)

    [SPOILER]Zuma is attracting shooting game, getting complicated in each step and each stage.
    You have to match 3 balls of similar color, prevent the balls from reaching the open mouth, catch falling surprises and extra power supply.
    It is not so simple and not easy. Deluxe is the hardest even for gamers.

    GREAT FUN FOR ALL AGES. KIds may use it from age 5 - especially the Luxor and Atlantis.

    Each game has its own install instructions inside its rar file.

    Note: saved games are located in the game instalation dir, like C:\Program Files\GameHouse\Zuma\userdata as SAV file.
    So you can't save for more than one user .
    To prevent falling back to beggining of a stage (frostrating!) make a backup of the sav file before starting a new level.

    - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/7
    - 350Mhz or faster Processor
    - 128MB RAM
    - 16-bit Graphics Support & Sound Card
    - DirectX 7.0 or better

    Download Links:

    Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery ultimate collection (2011) portable

    [SPOILER]Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery

    The original game of colored blocks and fast clicks is now the ultimate break for your brain! This stunning celebration of Collapse puzzles features more than 300 all-new puzzle challenges. Can you remove all the blocks from the screen in the fewest possible moves? A new hint power-up is on hand to help, but only those with strategic sense and careful clicks will be labeled a Puzzle Genius. Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery is a colorful exercise for your mental muscle! Start your new addiction today

    Windows Vista/XP/2000/7
    DirectX 7.0a
    128 MB RAM
    Free hard drive space: 15 MB

    The pack contain:
    Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery
    Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 2
    Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 3
    Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 4
    Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery 5

    Download Links:

    MAHJONG ultimate collection portable

    [SPOILER]24 Mahjong Games AIO | 486 Mb

    1. Alchemy Mahjong 2. Alices Magical Mahjong 3. Cafe Mahjongg 4. Caribbean Mahjong 5. Hotel Mahjong Deluxe 6. Liong - The Dragon Dance 7. Luxor Mah Jong 8. Mah Jomino 9. Mahjong Adventures 10. Mahjong Artifacts 11. Mahjong Epic 12. Mahjong Escape Ancient China 13. Mahjong Escape Ancient Japan 14. Mahjong Medley 15. Mahjong Memoirs 16. Mahjong Roadshow 17. Mahjong The Endless Journey 18. Mahjong World 19. Mahjongg Ancient Mayas 20. Mahjongg Investigations 21. MangaJongg 22. Mythic Mahjong 23. Snow Queen Mahjong 24. Tropico Jong

    Download Links:

    Bejeweled ultimate collection AIO


    Swap adjacent gems to match three or more sparkling jewels. The more matches you make, the higher your score. Relax to entrancing music and graphics. Get hints-on-demand when you're stuck. And when you're ready for a bigger challenge, try the Time Trial in both advanced and expert modes.
    Bejeweled is the first and only puzzle game since Tetris to be inducted into Computer Gaming World's Hall of Fame. Play it yourself to find out why!

    Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

    Take the classic game of gem-swapping to euphoric new heights! Adapted from its predecessor, Bejeweled 2 features four unique ways to play. Solve handcrafted brain teasers in puzzle mode while up against the clock or kick back, relax and enjoy endless mode. With awe-inspiring planetary backdrops, explosive new gems and dazzling special effects, Bejeweled 2 is more wildly addictive than ever before!

    Bejeweled Twist

    Spin, match, explode... WOW! It's a brilliant new way to play Bejeweled! Get set for a vivid sensory rush as you spin and match explosive gems for shockwaves of fun. Rotate jewels freely to set up electrifying combos, outwit surprising obstacles like Locks and Bombs, and create high-voltage Flame and Lightning gems. With 4 modes of play, you'll discover new strategies, improve your moves, and find endless ways to win!

    Bejeweled Blitz

    Spin, match, explode… WOW! It’s a brilliant new way to play Bejeweled, from PopCap. Spin and match explosive gems for shockwaves of fun. Rotate jewels to set up electrifying combos, outwit surprising obstacles like Locks and Bombs, and create high-voltage Flame and Lightning gems.
    When you want to dial up the intensity, go for Challenge mode or five-minute Blitz. And if relaxing is more your style, kick up your feet with stress-free Zen. No matter the mode, you’ll discover new strategies, improve your moves, and find endless ways to win!

    Bejeweled 3

    Discover all-new ways to play this much-loved puzzle game. Find your perfect match with 8 breathtaking game modes that meet all your moods — ease into Classic Bejeweled for cascades of fun, journey through 40 challenging Quest puzzles, charge into the electrifying Lightning for non-stop action, and tailor your experience in Zen for a revolutionary new way to relax.
    Enjoy the amazing sights and sounds, engage in endless gem-matching fun, and earn flashy achievement badges as you soar to dazzling new heights!?

    Download Links:

    Luxor collection (2011)


    Luxor is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling adventure across the lands of Ancient Egypt. Battle Set and his evil minions across 88 mind-blowing levels, unleashing the awesome powers of Isis with various falling power-up talismans, such as explosive Fireballs and thundering Lightning Bolts. Filled with excitement, adventure, and tons of explosive action, there is only one question you must ask yourself: Can you thwart the diabolical plans of a god and save Egypt?

    Luxor 2

    Luxor 2 takes you on a beautiful voyage through the land of ancient Egypt. Play 88 all-new, gorgeously rendered levels of brilliantly displayed crisp and stunning graphics set amongst the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt. Use your mystical winged scarab to shoot and destroy the approaching magical spheres before they reach the pyramids at the end of their path. As the much anticipated sequel to the #1 casual game of 2005, see why Luxor 2 sets the new standard for action-puzzlers!

    Luxor 3

    Luxor 3, the next smash hit in this awe-inspiring series, takes you on an ethereal journey where your match-three skills are used to battle the power-hungry god of Chaos! Free the spirits of other Egyptian gods by stopping the procession of approaching spheres before they reach the pyramid at the end of their path or all will be forever lost! There are seven unique game modes and many unlockable power-ups, ball sets and shooters! The Battle for Eternal Afterlife begins here, with Luxor 3!

    Luxor Amun Rising

    Glory and adventure await as you return to save ancient Egypt from certain doom! In the next episode of the smash Luxor series, you must defeat the princes of Megiddo before they overthrow the pharaoh and plunge the two lands into chaos! The challenge will not be easy as you battle through 88 all-new levels and use your mystical winged scarab to destroy the approaching colored spheres. Stop them all before they can reach the pyramids at the ends of the paths... or all of Egypt is doomed!

    Just unpack and install

    System Requirements:
    •OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/vista
    •Processor: 300 Mhz
    •Memory: 128 MB
    •DirectX 7 or better

    Download Links:

    Fairy Jewels ultimate collection (2011)

    [SPOILER]Fairy Jewels

    Go on a mission to free the fairies. An evil wizard has captured them all in his dark castle, and it's up to you to let them go. Fire jewels with your cannon to align matching colors, and clear your way to each fairy. Be careful with your aim, as the jewels will build up quickly. Don't let them stop you from saving the fairies! Start your rescue mission now with Fairy Jewels!

    * 150 levels.
    * 6 bonuses.
    * 15 chapter storyline.

    Fairy Jewels 2

    As the young sorceress Kalina, you must free the fairies of Wonderland. Release them from an evil spell with a swift flick of your magic wand. First, shoot stones color to color throughout 120 levels in a mesmerizing Marble Popper world. Experience a re-buildable world map and 12 extra spells in your spell book. Harness your special skills and save this charming fairy town in Fairy Jewels 2.

    * Match 3 fairytale
    * Extra spells
    * Save the fairy town

    Windows XP/Vista/7
    * CPU: 800 Mhz
    * RAM: 256 MB
    * DirectX: 8.0
    * Hard Drive: 83 MB

    Download Links:

    Mega post sega collection (2007)

    [SPOILER]Sega Classic 800+ Games & Emulator Sega Classics is also included in the ISO which is 100% compatible with Windows 7.
    I have tested it in Windows 7 Ultimate x86 myself:

    Year: 2007
    Genre: Arcade
    Developer: SEGA
    Publisher: SEGA
    Publication Type: piratka
    Language: English
    Tablet: Not required
    Platform: PC

    Download Links:

    Mega post bigfish games (2011)

    [SPOILER]Big Fish Games have entered all games released in April 2011. "Big Fish" is always a sea of ??simple and interesting, not requiring special skills, but nevertheless, spanning games, which always plunge you into the sea of ??pleasure. You do not need to look for your favorite games across the internet, here they are collected in one volume.

    System requirements:
    Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
    Processor: Intel Pentium IV 1,4 GHz
    Memory: 512 MB
    Video: 128 MB

    The DVD includes:
    Airport Mania - First Flight
    Alex Gordon
    Amelies Cafe
    Aveyond 2
    Aveyond - Lord of Twilight
    Beach Party Craze
    Chocolate Shop Frenzy
    Cindy Travels
    Conga Bugs
    Cooking Academy 2 World Cuisine
    Costume Chaos
    Dairy Dash
    Diaper Dash
    Drugstore Mania
    Faerie Solitaire
    Farm Frenzy Pizza Party
    Fitness Dash
    Fix-it-up - Kates Abenteuer
    Funky Farm 2
    Hidden in Time - Mirror Mirror
    Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2
    Home Sweet Home
    Home Sweet Home 2
    Hospital Hustle
    Hot Dish 2 - Cross Country Cook Off
    Jane`s Hotel - Family Hero
    Jessicas Cupcake Cafe
    Jigsaw World
    Lovely Kitchen
    Luxor Quest for the Afterlife
    Megaplex Madness
    Mystic Inn
    Pizza Chef
    Ranch Rush
    Stand O Food 2
    Star Defender 2
    Star Defender 3
    Star Defender 4
    Strike Ball 3
    The Hardy Boys - The Perfect Crime
    Unwell Mel
    Vergessene Laender - Erste Siedler
    Virtual Villagers - The Secret City
    Way To Go Bowling
    Wendys Wellness
    World Adventure
    Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe
    Youda Farmer
    Zack & Jack in Showdown at Monstertown

    Download Links:

    Download Links:
    pass: Opus

    MAHJONG ultimate collection portable

    [SPOILER]24 Mahjong Games AIO | 486 Mb

    1. Alchemy Mahjong 2. Alices Magical Mahjong 3. Cafe Mahjongg 4. Caribbean Mahjong 5. Hotel Mahjong Deluxe 6. Liong - The Dragon Dance 7. Luxor Mah Jong 8. Mah Jomino 9. Mahjong Adventures 10. Mahjong Artifacts 11. Mahjong Epic 12. Mahjong Escape Ancient China 13. Mahjong Escape Ancient Japan 14. Mahjong Medley 15. Mahjong Memoirs 16. Mahjong Roadshow 17. Mahjong The Endless Journey 18. Mahjong World 19. Mahjongg Ancient Mayas 20. Mahjongg Investigations 21. MangaJongg 22. Mythic Mahjong 23. Snow Queen Mahjong 24. Tropico Jong

    Download Links:

    Disney ultimate collection (2011)

    [SPOILER]This is the All in one collection of Disney's greatest games. Easy to install and very enjoyable games. Download and have fun . I am sure your old memories will recover. Just like mine.

    Games List:
    Timons - Bugout
    Bugs Life Burn
    Crocodile Projector
    Grub Grabber
    Jungle Cubs
    Make Flubber
    Mighty Ducks Puck Hunt
    Pocohontas dress
    Simba Jigsaw

    Download Links:

    Peggle ultimate collection AIO (2011)

    [SPOILER]Within the game's main "Adventure" mode, Peggle is divided into fifty-five levels. Each level features an arrangement of approximately one hundred blue "pegs", positioned to correspond with the level's background picture, inside of three walls on the top and sides (leaving the bottom opened), along with other fixed and moving features.[2] The goal of each level is to clear the board of the twenty-five random pegs that are turned orange at the start of the level, by using a ball launcher located at the top center of the screen to strike one or more of the pegs. Pegs light up when hit, and once the ball either falls through the bottom of the screen or is caught by the ball catcher that moves back and forth along the bottom in a fixed manner, the pegs will be removed. Struck pegs are also removed if the ball is stuck on them. The player begins each level with ten balls (twelve on the non-Touch iPod version) to clear the orange pegs, but may earn more by landing the ball in the ball catcher, or by earning high scores on single shots. Failure to clear the board with the allotted number of balls will require the player to restart the level, while completing this objective will allow the player to progress forward to the next board.

    1. Peggle Deluxe
    2. Peggle Extreme
    3. Peggle Nights Deluxe
    4. Peggle Nights Bonus Levels
    5. Peggle WoW Edition
    6. Peggle Nights Infinite Balls Cheat

    Download Links:

    Cake Mania ultimate collection AIO

    [SPOILER]Cake Mania
    Help a young baker show big bad business who's boss in this fast-paced treat! When the retail behemoth "Mega-Mart" moves in, Jill's beloved family bakery is ********************d to close. But she's determined to get the business back on its feet with delicious sweets. Help Jill open her own bakery, bring in customers, and earn enough money to re-open her grandparents' bakery! With 48 levels and four different bakeries, Cake Mania is full of mouth-watering fun. Let's get cookin'!

    Cake Mania 2
    Jill is back in an all-new, out-of-this-world adventure! Explore six far-flung bakery locations, serving up deliciously original creations! What awaits Jill? Fame? Fortune? Love? In Cake Mania 2, you choose which path Jill pursues, with each decision leading to new baking challenges and dilemmas. With 204 levels of baking and frosting madness, 6 different possible endings and a branching, non-linear storyline, it's your decision to make in Cake Mania 2!

    Cake Mania 3
    As Jill prepares for her long anticipated wedding day, disaster strikes when a mysterious time bender crashes to the ground and shatters into pieces. As Jill's family and friends rush to pick up the scattered shards, they are suddenly sent hurtling through time! Now, to ensure her wedding goes off without a hitch, Jill herself must travel to remote periods in time and work her cake-making magic on a wide variety of locals in order to get herself and her guests back before the ceremony begins!

    Cake Mania Back to the Bakery
    In this all new adventure, Jill has decided to renovate her grandparents' bakery in the hopes of winning them a deluxe grand prize - an all-expense-paid Hawaiian luxury cruise. With an all-new bakery to renovate, hilarious new characters, an all-new storyline and 36 levels of fast-paced baking, fans of Cake Mania can enjoy another great baking adventure!

    Cake Mania Main Street
    Help Jill and her closest friends earn enough money to revitalize Main Street by managing and upgrading four unique downtown shops and building must-see tourist attractions, like the World's Largest Cake, in this highly-anticipated sequel. With all-new shop mechanics, 50 shop equipment upgrades, 40 unique mouth-watering recipes, and hilarious new customers, Cake Mania Main Street offers players four truly addictive time management games in one!

    Download Links:

    Abra Academy collection

    [SPOILER]Abra Academy
    Wanda has always wanted to be a witch. She and her friends have made it all the way to Abra Academy™, and they need your help to graduate! Guide Wanda through various rooms in Abra Academy™ and aid her in finding hidden objects. Each room will put her witching skills to the test. The more items she finds, the faster she can graduate. Start your studies at Abra Academy™!

    * 24 levels.
    * Helpful fairy guides.
    * Bonus items

    Abra Academy 2
    Abra Academy Returning Cast. There have been several strange ************************s on Abra Academy. It seems that some unknown creatures have broken into the Abra Academy campus and are causing havoc!

    The children are frightened and the monsters are creating a huge mess. Wanda and her friends have been called in to investigate the ************************s and find a way to stop them!

    Abra Academy 2 Returning Cast has more than 25 new levels to master, hundreds of hidden objects to discover and a unique crystal ball to help you!

    Download Links:

    PopCap Games mega collection

    [SPOILER]All PopCap Games 2 | 61 games | ENG | 1 Gb

    About game: PopCap try to develop such plays, which have not a high system requirements, and is calculated on users of any age. Due to this, all released plays by leaps and bounds become popular.

    Style: Arkade
    Developer: PopCap Games
    Language: English

    Registration Instruction:
    - For registration is used universal UniCrack.exe from folder !CRACK. All instructions on his use will are shown on screen after his start;
    - For registration of the games Atomica, Ning Po Mahjong and TipTop is used generator of the serial number, which has a name keygen.exe and lies near by play. The Received number necessary to carry in most play.

    System requirements:
    System: Windows XP(sp2), Vista
    Processor: Intel Pentium 3 at 900 MHz
    Memory: 256 Mb
    Video: 64 Mb

    Download Links:

    Mega post games portable

    [SPOILER]Collection of portable games
    Works on windows XP e 7.
    updated daily

    Download Links:
    A FairyTale 1.0
    Barrel Mania
    Base Invaders
    Battleship Chess
    Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
    Bejeweled Twist
    Billiard Masters
    Black Dragon
    Blook Blook
    Block Breaker Deluxe
    Blowfish Bay
    Bob The Builder - Can-Do Carnival
    Boorps Balls
    Bounce quest
    Brain Tester 24
    Brick Quest 2
    Bubble Bobble 2 
    Build-a-lot 2 - Town of the Year
    BumbleBee Jewel
    Burger Shop
    Burger Shop 2
    BurgerTime Deluxe
    Cake Shop
    Chainz 2 Relinked
    Chak's Temple
    Chocolatier 2 - Secret Ingredients
    Cindys Sundaes
    Cinema Tycoon Gold
    Conga Bugs
    Cooking Dash
    Cooking Dash 2
    Counter Strike 1.6 part 1
    Counter Strike 1.6 part 2
    County Fair
    Cradle Of Rome
    Crazy Chicken - Jewel of Darkness
    Crazy Kong
    Crush Roller
    Delicious - Emily's Taste of Fame
    Dora the Explorer: Swiper's Big Adventure
    Double dragon
    Elven Mists
    Evolution Soccer
    eXtreme Gammon
    Farm Frenzy Pizza Party
    Gallop for Gold
    Gold Rush - Treasure Hunt
    GP Rider
    Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
    Hexagon Mahjongg 
    Hidden Wonds of the Depths III : Atlantis Adventures
    Holiday Gift
    Legend of Ali Baba
    Lost in Reefs
    Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe 1.0 Eng
    Mahjong: Mysteries of the Past
    Mat Mania
    Metal Slug collection part 1
    Metal Slug collection part 2
    Metal Slug collection part 3
    Metal Slug 5
    Nightmare in the Dark
    Pang collection
    Penguin Brothers
    Pet Playground
    Pinball Action
    Puzzle bobble
    Puzzle Bobble 4
    Real Space 3
    Sally's Salon
    Samurai Shodown III
    Super Galaxians
    Super Pang
    Super pinball action
    Super Sidekicks
    Tiger Heli
    The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates
    The Amazing Brain Train
    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    Tonky Ponky - Sea Adventures
    Top 30 Classic SEGA Games 2008 Collection
    Wizard Land 1.10 Eng/Ger/Du/Fr/Por
    World voyage
    Zuma revenge
    [CENTER]Midnight Mysteries ultimate collection

    [SPOILER]This great AIO package contains all 3 exciting Midnight Mysteries Games and can be installed as 1 or 2 or all 3 games....dont miss out on this great collection of HOG's as any HOG enthusiast would love to have in their collection. Midnight Mysteries 1 includes a walkthrough, Midnight Mysteries 2 includes a strategy guide and Midnight Mysteries 3 (the latest) has a built-in strategy guide along with many other collector's edition ONLY features

    the pack contain:

    Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy
    Midnight Mysteries 2 - Salem Witch Trials w/STRATEGY GUIDE
    Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi Collector's Edition

    Download Links:

    Adventure Inlay collection (2011)

    [SPOILER]Take an adventure of a lifetime! Adventure Inlay is packed front to back with handcrafted levels and ingenious game play. Over sixty gorgeously rendered wildlife landscapes to explore. Challenge yourself with four distinctly addictive game modes - Traditional will keep you on your toes, Strategery lets you plan your moves carefully but danger is always near, Revealer will pique your curiosity, and Enigma provides a relaxing mind bending puzzle. Which will you choose?

    The pack contain:

    Adventure Inlay
    Adventure Inlay: Safari Edition

    System Requirements

    OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000
    Windows Me, Windows NT
    Memory: 64 MB
    Sound: 16bit Sound Card
    CPU: P 500

    Download Links:
    Pokemon collection (2011)

    [SPOILER]This is a pack of full pokemon games and Emulators included (only Nintendo DS And Gba)

    List of Pokemon Games Included in just one software!

    Pokemon Blue
    Pokemon Red
    Pokemon Yellow
    Pokemon Green
    Pokemon Silver
    Pokemon Gold
    Pokemon Crystal
    Pokemon Emerald
    Pokemon Ruby
    Pokemon Saphire
    Pokemon Blue Rescue Team
    Pokemon Red Rescue Team
    Pokemon Fire Red
    Pokemon Green Leaf
    Pokemon Pearl
    Pokemon Diamond
    Pokemon Ranger

    Download Links:
    Remember say thanks[/SPOILER]

    Super Mario collection (2011)

    [SPOILER]Pack with 72 games and emulatores AIO


    ***Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - 13 games.

    -Dr. Mario.
    -Mario and Yoshi.
    -Mario Bros.
    -Mario Bros 2.
    -Mario Bros 3.
    -Mario Bros (Unknown) - Beta of never released Mario Game.
    -Mario Bros. Classic.
    -Mario is Missing.
    -Mario’s Time Machine.
    -NES Open Tournament Golf.
    -Wario’s Woods.
    -Yoshi’s Cookie.

    FamiCom Disk System (FDS) - 5 games.

    -All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.
    -I am a Teacher - Super Mario Seta.
    -Kaettekita Mario Bros.
    -Mario Bros.
    -Mario Bros. 2 - (the Lost Levels).

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) - 15 games.

    -Mario All-Stars
    -Mario and Wario
    -Mario is Missing!
    -Mario Kart
    -Mario Paint
    -Mario R.P.G. - Legend of the Seven Stars
    -Mario World
    -Mario World 2 - Yoshi’s Island
    -Mario’s Early Years - Fun with Letters
    -Mario’s Early Years - Fun with Numbers
    -Mario’s Early Years - Preschool Fun
    -Mario’s Time Machine
    -Tetris & Dr. Mario
    -Yoshi’s Cookie
    -Yoshi’s Safari

    ***GameBoy Advanced (GBA) - 16 games.

    -Dr. Mario & Puzzle League
    -Mario Advanced
    -Mario Advanced 2
    -Mario Advanced 3
    -Mario Advanced 4
    -Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga
    -Mario Ball
    -Mario Golf - Advance Tour
    -Mario Kart - Super Circuit
    -Mario Party Advance
    -Mario Pinball Land
    -Mario vs. Donkey Kong
    -Wario Ware Inc.
    -Wario Ware Twisted
    -Wario-Land 4
    -Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation

    Download Links:
    pass: bb
    Ancient Tripeaks collection (2011)

    [SPOILER]Now you can bring all the letter-chaining fun home to your desktop! The new Deluxe version of Bookworm features awesome new artwork, sounds, and music, plus a host of new features, like:

    * All-new Action Game!
    * Make words up to 12 letters long!
    * Brand new Sapphire and Diamond tiles!
    * Hall of Fame to record best scores and words!
    * Upload your high scores to the web!
    * Bookworm defines tricky words onscreen!

    The pack contain:

    Bookworm Adventures
    Bookworm Adventures Volume 2
    BookWorm Deluxe
    Bookworm Adventures: The Monkey King
    Bookworm Adventures Fractured Fairytales
    Bookworm Adventures: Astounding Planet

    Download Links:

    Ancient Tripeaks collection (2011)

    [SPOILER]You can be a novice or an expert, you'll still be able to find your way to make history in this take on the old solitaire favorite, tripeaks. Clear away layers of cards as you experience the passing of eons. With eight different games to choose from, this stunning game has something for everyone.

    * Choose your deck of cards.
    * 8 different game choices.
    * Useful tutorials.
    * Unlock mythical heroes

    Download Links:
    Click Here for more downloads: Super games collection (2011)

    Provider Quality
    Arrow Bullet Fast Download Super games collection (2011) Here (Guaranteed Easiest-To-Download!) DA Quality Level
    Arrow Bullet Direct Download Super games collection (2011) Here (Guaranteed Easiest-To-Download!) LD Quality Level
    Arrow Bullet Latest Download Super games collection (2011) Here (Guaranteed Easiest-To-Download!) KA Quality Level

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    Rapidshare Links Re: Super games collection (2011)

    file or any other file from Games category. Direct download via HTTP available as well.

    Super games collection (2011) Torrent.

    Retro Legends [Ultimate Classic Games Collection] 6666 in 1 (2010)



    Year: 2010 | PC | English | ISO | 5.5 Gb
    Genre: Action / Arcade / Strategy / Puzzle / Platform

    Complete set of 6666 good old games. PC emulator included. Full rom pack is ready for download.

    Nintendo, Sega, Atari 2600, Neo Geo, TurboGrafX, arcade machines - MAME, Sega Master System, ZX Spectrum, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo Entertainment System - SNES, NES, Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Game Boy Advance. The old school revolution has begun!

    "Retro_Legends 6666 in 1" is the most popular and the most complete game console collection of the 20th century.

    LIST OF VIDEO GAME CONSOLES (number of games/roms, 6666 in 1):

    * Atari 2600 (772)
    * MAME (534)
    * Neo Geo (327)
    * Nintendo 64 (46)
    * Nintendo Entertainment System - NES (2105)
    * Super Nintendo - SNES (790)
    * Sega Master System (369)
    * Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) (948)
    * TurboGrafX (664)
    * Gameboy Advance (99)
    * ZX Spectrum (12)

    Install Instructions

    1. First you need to get disk image emulator (if you don't already have one on your PC). Download and install Daemon tools or Alcohol 120%, for example. Then create virtual drive. You can find your new created virtual drive in 'My computer' together with other optical drives (D, E..).

    2. Mount disk image file "RETRO_LEGENDS [GigaPack] 6666 in 1.iso" to a virtual drive, using 'disk image emulator' (Daemon tools, Alcohol 120%).

    3. When Collection is loaded, access the disk and launch emulator of console that you want to play. Load (zipped) game rom. Play.


    Download Links:

    Download Links:
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